Apple unveils the 9.7inch Ipad Pro

March 23, 2016
Apple unveils the 9.7inch Ipad Pro


At an tech event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled a 9.7 inch version of the ipad pro.
This version weighs less than a pound, has a 25% brighter display and 40% less reflective screen than that of the ipad air 2. Their new “True Tone Display” technology measures ambient light in the surrounding area and adjust the screen accordingly. The front-facing camera features the retina flash and a 4 speaker system that is twice as loud as the ipad air.
Pre-orders begin March 24th and the official launch date is March 31st. How much will this new toy cost you?
$599 for the 32GB model
$749 for the 128GB model
$899 for the 256GB model
(Those prices are for the Wi-Fi-only models; LTE options generally cost $130 more.)