Arii’s Enchanted Delights

Arii’s Enchanted Delights



While attending an event called Models and Mimosa’s, a collaboration of models, glam couture lines like J Creations, and other female owned brands; we had a taste into the chef’s yummy world. Ari’s Enchanted Delights are an array of sweets from a young baker in Brooklyn.

FB_IMG_1491418356610  All of the desserts are made from scratch with organic ingredients. She even offers gluten free and vegan friendly options. One of her signature delights are her alcohol infused goodies.

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Each design is vibrant and colorful  and accentuates the theme of each event. Not only are they made with great quality ingredients and beautiful to the eye, they are affordable with a one week wait. The prices range from $20 – $200 based on treat.






So whenever you’re looking for a flavor frenzy for your taste buds or just want to take your event to the next level,  stop by her one stop, sweet shop and place your orders here.