Brooklyn Rapper’s Career Cut Short When Charged With Murder In Miami

Brooklyn Rapper’s Career Cut Short When Charged With Murder In Miami

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During Memorial weekend Coast to Coast held their annual showcase in Miami. They travel across the country scouting acts to hit the mainstage and an appurtunity to win a large cash prize and industry connections. To make it to the main stage each contestant must pass their city’s showcase to move on. A weekend of celebration and opportunities took a turn for the worst when 19, Jeffery 22Gz Alexander was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder. Pix 11 reports,
“The initial fight began late Sunday when a white BMW attempted to parallel park along Ocean Drive in popular South Beach, according to an arrest report released by Miami Beach Police.

The space was too small for the BMW, which struck a parked Buick Regal several times. The Buick’s owner was standing nearby and walked over with another man to confront the other driver.

A verbal argument ensued after the Buick’s owner ‘asked the driver of the BMW how many more times he was going to hit his vehicle,’ the report said.

The BMW’s driver told the other men to step back, then handed a gun to Jeffery Alexander, 19, of Brooklyn, New York, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, according to the report. Alexander (sic)

Police said Alexander, who works as a rapper, fired multiple shots as the BMW pulled away from the parking space.

The Buick’s owner was shot in the leg. Police said Ladarian Tyrell Phillips, 30, of Homestead, Florida, was fatally shot in the back.”

After the shooting the driver of 22Gz’s car fled the scene and was caught by officers a few blocks away. One of them (Soba)  were gunned down by an officer while 22 and the others were apprehended. 22Gz is currently held without bond in Miami-Dade county jail.
Despite the reports there are fans that believe in his innocence. It wouldn’t be the first time a person was set up and the media enforced the cover up. After posting his mug shot on his instagram supporter and opps shared their perspectives.

Based on the comments some believe this is a set up against the Folk Gang or from his record label. One argued he is from New york, if he was ever going to murder anyone over a parking spot, it would have happened already. Others believe he is guilty as charged and should rot in hell. Amongst the comments you find Kat Stacks putting in her two cents and people were not here for it.



22Gz was expected to perform for Rich Forever’s Jay Critch this Summer. Considering how the Gs9 case went, it’s hard to believe he will be making any moves anytime soon.

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The fact that people can still wish death on each other after both parties lost someone is heart breaking. The same mentality that lead to the deaths during the dispute over a parking spot is blatantly displayed through these comments. There is no reason two strangers should be dead over a parking spot. If he is innocent, I hope the truth is revealed and the souls lost teach others how quickly an irrational reaction to a  simple misunderstanding can have fatal consequences.