Chief Spacey – Another Overlooked Soundcloud Artist From The West Side


You know when you let your Soundcloud play the related tracks aren’t always up to par. So skipping a song in the first 3 seconds has become second hand nature to avid users. Good thing through all of the bad songs there’s bound to be one that appeals to you. After several nos I found a yes in Chief Spacey. His song Lemonade was produced by hisself and has a vibrant and joyful sound just in time for the warm weather in NYC.

After listening I decided to scope out his Soundcloud and found out he has been making music for the last 4 years and somehow he’s been overlooked on the West Coast. With every track he gives a story and a growth from his last track. Last month he released a short tape called No Thots Allowed and its good. If you like artists like Lil Yachty, Divine Council, and others. Who knows, maybe all he needs is a little marketing to get his music heard. Spacey is always playing with different instruments on his beats and embodies the mellow and turnt vibes of California.

Check out the rest of his library on Soundcloud @ChiefSpacey and get updates from his Instagram.