Converse Introduces Innovative Sneaker For Musicians

October 21, 2016

earwhacks_converse_allwahDominating the classic shoeware industry for decades, from the basketball court to the soles of almost every Rock and Roll performer and fans in between, Converse released a design that solidifies their place in 21st century footware world. Their revolutionary design are the Chet  Atkins All Wahs. Named after the first guitarist to use a wah wah pedal, Chet Atkins, the sneaker comes  with a built-in wah wah guitar pedal. The soles features a sensitive flexible movement sensor that transform the energy into sounds of a wah wah pedal. The built-in pedal can be connected to smart phones via Bluetooth. There is no official release date but I’m sure this is one toy a musician would at least what to try once. Check out the video