December 1, 2016

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 30, 2016, the life of a star in the making was cut drastically short. The Daily News reported that Eddie Ventura, a Brooklyn dealer was pronounced dead in Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New, York.

 What they did not know was the victim was next up in the music industry with his family and friends on his back.  Eddie Ventura was publically known as Spedi Suave. Spedi had a presence that can light up a whole venue with a flash of his boyish smile and a splash of charm. His charisma matched his clothing choices through bright shirts, colorful, kicks, the versatility of his styles with his hair and his art.


When you seen him there was always a witty joke followed up by a smile.


The Featured Lifestyle first encountered Mr. Suave at the LAWS performance at Bushwick Public Houses, exactly two months before his fatal day. Thanks to the LAWS manager, Dizz Taylor, this was Spedi’s first performance and it could not have gone any better. Spedi had the crowd wild and entranced to his unreleased hit, Hawaii.

[Spedi’s Performance starts at 7:41]

With a performance like that there was no denying he had great things instore and The Featured Lifestyle was ready to document the ride.

We caught up with the LAWS to discuss their latest endeavors from being on Upcoming Hip Hop and new releases in the future. Right beside them was Spedi. Through the interview we were able to give the world a glimpse of their brotherhood and what each member brings to the table.

In the interview Spedi spoke on his uniqueness, what it means to be Spedi, and the hate they receive as aspiring talents from the urban jungle. One can say his presence was the physical manifestation of fun and positivity for this generation. One of the inspirations for his sound is his rap icon Lil Yachty, aka Lil Boat.


His stars were clearly aligned because shortly after, Spedi linked up with the Sailing team. Word around the grape vine is he had a song coming out with Byou of Lil Yachty’s camp and possibly setting sail on tour next year.



Barely an established artist Spedi had attention from an active fanbase and recognition from the industry. Commemorating his new achievements he released another jam called KOTT.


Unlike his previous song, Hawaii, this song focused more on his perceptions on the hate he has been receiving as he continued to grow and glow. “I remember being fucked around, now she gone f*** me now. She likin’ my music, she likin’ my sound. I am the King of the Town. All these goofy fuck niggas is clowns, they tryin’ to catch a hundred rounds.”


As his 21st birthday approached, Spedi kept his audience entertained with an unmastered release called Privacy. When you hear Privacy, you hear Yachty 2.o with brooklyn swag.

Unfortunately, two weeks later Spedi Suave lost his life in a Queens stabbing. Three days before his 21st birthday. The details are still unclear and no one can say for sure why the assailants were so desperate to take his life. Despite the tragic incident his friends and family are doing the best they can to carry on his smiles through them. Anyone that met Spedi once knows what a wonderful personality he had and the talent he possessed. To celebrate his birthday, his LAWS family decided to release his original hit, Hawaii. Crying can’t bring him back, but his music will live on. Who knows maybe Yachty will end up on the remix.

The Featured Lifestyle deeply sends their condolensces to the Venturas, LAWS, and family of friends he adopted along the way. #FOREVERSPEDIssspppeed