Have You Seen The Dash Boyz

Have You Seen The Dash Boyz


Kalonji Law$ is back ,but he’s still teasing us with the release of Sped X. It seems to be because he’s working on something interesting to make it all worth while. The name of the apparel is called Dash Boyz. With so much music in the vault and on the way the LAWS  are on the road with their merch of The Dashway tour. FB_IMG_1491453229405 

The design behind shirt highlights the influence of AOL and the influence it had on the young millennials.  In the 3 minute video we follow Kalonji as he drops of his clothes at a local laundromat in the Newkirk area of Flatbush. We follow the actors and cameos from his fellow group mates, Mateo, Chad, and others to the sounds of dope snippets hopefully off of Sped X 👀👀. By the second song we see the gang reminiscing over their fallen soldier Spedi Suave.


Losing a close friend at a young age is a tale many can relate to in the hood. Especially in Brooklyn, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The only thing you can do is live the dreams you created together. Take a look of what to expect below.