November 21, 2016


Just in time for Thanksgiving, Spencer Daily of  Surface had an intimate conversation with artist, father, designer, and visionary Kanye West, Free Form. Known for his passionate way with words, this interview fell nothing short of brilliant.

“He speaks in freeform, similar to his raps, letting it flow from one sentence to the next, often in a jumpy way that—somehow—circles back to where he began. In certain moments, he’ll pause for a few seconds, reticent and hyper-aware of how his words will be received. Other times, he’ll let out a flurry ideas, confident and upbeat. There’s a rhythm to his words. A syncopation. Nearly every sentence he says packs potency. West speaks his mind, and he couldn’t care less what you think. This has made him one of the most loved and hated artists of our time, in addition to being one of the most critically acclaimed.” -Spencer

In the Free Form feature, Kanye West opened up about his recent creations over the year, his beliefs on creating a utopia through art and design, his hopes for the future generations, the now moments he experiences along the way, and much more.7s-pavilion-cannes-cruel-summer-screening-5_-philippe-ruault_surfacemag-2000x1333

“I think companies that are also brands can come together for a single mission to change the world. These might be people who are focused on prosthetic arms, or focused on cancer, or focused on some type of movie script, or focused on some new form of tech. I don’t want to pinpoint whom, but there is a collective that can figure out the killings in Chicago, for example, if that was their goal.” – Kanye West

Despite the arrogant tyrant image the media portrays, the 40 minute video highlights all the of the good we love from the college dropout. Check out the motivating interview here.