Migos & Peewee Longway Argue Over Origins of Dab


The migos are the self proclaimed creators of the dance craze that hit the world “the DAB”. School teachers, News anchors, and policeman have been caught on social media doing the viral dance.Recently, Peewee Longway (who also came up under the Quality Control with the Migos) hit twitter to deny Migos claim of being the originators of the DAB. He says “Who the first one to say piped it up (ME)” he writes, “who the first to say dab (ME) Who is the real lobby runner (ME) retweet these #facts.” Migos Lashed back “#FACTS SINCE WE TALKIN FACTS .. Migos Gave U Life!!”. They then went to instagram posting a photo with his middle fingers up with the caption “CLAIMING WORDS AINT HELPING CAREERS OR CLAIMING DA DAB S**T LAME MAKE A HIT N—A.” The photo is now deleted.