In the breaking hours of June 7, 2016 a video surfaced of internet sensation Levar of Shutdown Boyz and the collective of kids that go by the name of No Negativity being arrested by New York City police officers. Despite the name these kids were targeted by the police in what appears to be an alleged open container and being in the park after it closed  arrest; followed by disorderly conduct and resisting an arrest. Throughout the video you see officers not only pin down Levar and another young woman with their knees in their back, who couldn’t weigh over 120 lbs. In the midst of the chaos it was alleged that the officers assaulted one of the comrade’s sister who was not being detained and charged. As the kids urge the officers for an explanation for this aggressive arrest, the officers non chalantly floated around disregarding the pleas of the kids. The video ends with the citizens announcing to take steps into filing complaints against officers that displayed poor ethics and behavior to deescalate the situation.

Coincidentally in the same park no less than two hours later, Pix 11 reports a murder victim found in the park with a gun shot wound to the head. Unclear of the timeline of events, one thing does seem to be clear. The New York City police department’s employee conduct is aggressive and misguided, while lacking to protect and serve the citizens that are taxed to pay them. Both cases are on going and more details have yet to be released.