Smoker’s Club Debuts New Group

September 1, 2016
Smoker’s Club Debuts New Group

Smoker’s Club got a new group out here killin’ on tour and we were there first hand to check out their debut in Denver.   I gotta say, through the obscene amounts of weed, edibles, waxes, and hashes we still found a way to turn up AND cover one of the dopest new groups on the scene: Pricey Visions.

Tour Recap Snippet

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Pricey Visions is made up of a strong core of super producer Trigga T and industry vet Tito Green, but when they hit the stage, they never forget honorary member, turn up specialist, astronaut and underground rapper Phil Street.

Trigga T’s got an unforgettable, raspy flow with solid lyrical content, you’d almost be surprised to hear about his production placements.  Having produced for the likes of Joey Badass, G-Herbo, Lil Wayne, Dipset, 21 Savage, Smoke Dza, and more, Trigga T’s work is well known throughout the hip hop world.  He also produced Tito’s upcoming solo project and is the genius behind the group’s production and engineering.

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Being Freaky Zeeky’s little brother and Camron’s cousin, Tito’s been around the industry since he was a kid.  Now that he’s making his own moves, his collab with Lil Wayne blew up last summer, and he signed a distribution deal with Jonny Shipes’ Cinematic Music Group this month.  He’s also kinda the glue that holds the group together, seeing as he brought everybody together, gameplanned the whole thing, and came up with the name.


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(Tito Signing Distribution Deal for Pricey Visions at Cinematic Offices)

Phil Street’s like the dope underground little brother who’s been getting it independently for the past few years.  Ever since he finessed an Adidas sponsorship in college, he’s been speeding through the New York city streets snatching necks and cashing checks.  Him and Tito go back to 2011 when they partnered on a creative space/recording studio in Williamsburg.  Ever since then, they’ve been good friends and frequent collaborators.
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After inviting Tito and Trigga to perform with him at a Bun B concert in December, Street solidified his standing with the group and they all linked up for this year’s Smoker’s Club tour.  Their energy is insane and they were able to stand toe to toe with the likes of  G-Herbo, Nyck Caution, and The Under Achievers.   Each of them has an upcoming solo project releasing next year, with a group project in the works. Check out there newest track below at 13k “NO GAME”