STREAM: William Wilson “All I Know” (XANAX PT 2)


Rapper William Wilson hit the scene with his successful release of the track that started it all “XANAX”. Soon after, he decided to go solo and leave his former rap group SRSG headed by Rapper and skater Black Dave. Back with a refreshed sound, he decides to give his fan a second dose of what had them fixed in the first place.”B**ch I be the plug with the bars”, if you were chanting this from the song you either meant it physically and metaphorically. It’s something that you’d have to be a part of to get, and the fans who indulge in the epidemic of popping benzo couldn’t get enough of it. But, as well as understanding the pleasures and fun of drug abuse you have to acknowledge the dangers of the situation. Gathered from our recent interactions with the Rapper, he stated that he had to take a step back from the abuse and value his health and sanity. BUT WE STILL GUNNA TURN UP!!!!

So here is The turnt up sequel!!