The Nail Fairy – Wandasmo

The Nail Fairy – Wandasmo

Wandasmo is the charming nail esthetician spouting out of Brooklyn, Ny. As the nail trend, booms technicians are creating mini master pieces on each finger. It is interesting what the new generations of artists have to offer. One unique design we came across is the spiral nail. It is an acrylic corkscrew nail that takes 3d nail designs to another level. Wandasmo’s clients go to her for colorful and creative fingertips.


Her prices ranges from $21 for your basic set and a simple designe to $80+ for her signature corkscrew tip,  unicorn designs, and other custom creations. Wandasmo features everything from matte, glow in the dark, color changing polish with excentric 3d designs.wandasmo





You can get your nail wishes granted; once you schedule your appointment with her at the Turnurka Beauty Palace in Brooklyn,NY.