Morbucks and Lite Fortunato teamed up in an impromptu recording session to make a new hit. A few hours later their single Dat B**** was created. The energy of the recording session carried over into shooting a video on the spot. On the track Morbucks and Fortunato had some pretty  disrespectful things to say to the significant others of their “kills”.

Morbucks: ” That b**** gone be screaming and sucking all on me, that b**** gone be holding my work in the foreign.”

Fortunato: ” I bust on her lip, that lip that you always kiss.”

The two paired up with Featured Vidz to capture the moment. In the video, you see the rappers vibe to the petty lyrics of the intrinsic beat. Featuring a cameo from GucciFurr, another member of GCY3. For Fortunato, this is just the beginning of what he calls #NatoVideoSummer. Stay up to date with them on Instgram @Morbucks @Lite Fotunato1 and watch the video below.