January 19, 2017


Thirsty 4 Pop [Jahzeel and Azia] are the new faces of female domination. With their sassy lyrics and a la mode style these two divas are about to kick down the doors of the industry. The proof is in their latest release  Tranzlator 2.0.  Tranzlator was orignally produced by The Order and tweaked by Faraoh Black, giving us the 2.0. The song features a hook that effortlessly translates itself from Spanish to English. Styled by themselves, T4P breaks down the steps to to turning the tables on the goofy guys of the world.   In the video we follow them as they use the power of the pussy to entrance their male victim and zoe him for drugs and money.


In 2014, they released their debut mixtape The Ratchet Sessions in which they spoke on the lifestyle of when a good girl goes bad and what Pop means. Tranzlator 2.0 is anticipated to be on their next tape, Die Hard. Keep up to date with their tour dates on their site T4PNYC. Here’s a sneak peak of  the level of dopeness to expect below.