Who’s the Real King of the Arena


Flexing and Brooklyn are two things that will always go hand in hand. If you’re not from New York you may think I am talking about flashy jewlery and clothes like the Migos, but thats not what I mean. In the 90’s the Carribbean dance the Bruk Up changed the wave in the underground dance scene. Bringing the world the form called Flexing. Since its rise in the new millenium dancers of this style have gone on to world stages showing the world a little look at Brooklyn dance. Like any art form there’s always a younger generation coming to take the throne.

The Featured Lifestyle was introduced to the new contenders of the flex world and was entertained. A veteran of the Flex world Khalil Killa Williams curates different dance events to keep this new form of dance alive for the future. March 18, Brooklyn Rocks hosted his 8th tournament which featured contenders that came to play.


At the @official_kingsarena event🔥💪👏

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Free for all at Brooklyn Rocks! @official_kingsarena

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Semi finals

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In the end Ace left with the belt and bragging rights for the 8th tournament. kkkoa

Not only do they offer competitions they host freestyle sessions for the dancers to showcase and perfect what they have been working on in the lab. You can stay up to date with upcoming events on their instagram page here.