“Daaaaaamn Wilson, At It Again With The White Xaaaans”

September 1, 2016
“Daaaaaamn Wilson, At It Again With The White Xaaaans”


You might remember William Wilson from his 2014 appearance on the Smoker’s Club Tour with his former group SRSG.  Or you might remember him from his feature on Vice about getting his ass kicked by the NYPD.  Or from his Fuck Everybody hit with Black Dave.  Or from my personal favorite, Xanax that has 115k Youtube views and counting.  Shit you might even just know the him from partying around the city.  Either way, WW’s been laying low, getting sober, and working like a motherfuckin beast.

Part of this renewed energy comes from him linking up with Phil Street, who himself just got off this year’s Smoker’s Club Tour, and is making waves over at Cinematic with his boys Tito Green/Trigga T and their Pricey Visions collective.  Street and Wilsonman already had plans of launching their own group of artists #RXL7 and have both been brewing a bunch of dope shit all summer.


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Interestingly enough, we at Fly Features actually introduced Street to Wilsonman a few years ago, because we thought they’d make good music together.   Looks like we were right.

They released a teaser track a couple weeks ago that’s already getting some Soundcloud love, and they say we can expect a lot more shit in the upcoming months, including solo projects from both.